In Memory Of
Elena Jasmir Lozada

Lena's House

Lena's House is in the process of development. We have a goal of having a facility in 2018 which will offer the following programs. In the meantime we will help people on an individual basis:

Discipleship Program:
 Learn how to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the creator of the universe who can transform your life.

Accountability Partner Program:  Have an assigned partner who will listen, pray, mentor and encourage you on your walk to freedom.

After care Services:  Support service to help transition into society after receiving in house rehabilitation.

Goal Planning Services : To help with future plans of completion of a high school program or assistance with applying for financial aide to college. Help with applying for and securing a job.

Housing Location Assistance: We will help you fill out applications to find permanent housing and may be able to provide financial assistance to secure a deposit.

Creative Arts :  Develop God  given talents to be used in a positive light.

Sewing, Cooking, Woodworking, Drawing and Healthy Living Classes: 

Creative Writing Class: To help express feelings on paper that will help you to heal and live a free life.

Support Help For Parents: So that parents will not feel alone during this challenging time in their lives.

Lena’s House was started in 2012. It is a  Freedom From Drugs Program, a ministry of Family Christian Center, which was founded in memory of my daughter Elena Jasmir Lozada.  Lena’s House is a support and after-care program to help set young people free from the bondage of drug addiction. It was Elena’s intent to one day become free from drug addiction and she dreamed to one day start a rehabilitation center for girls like her.

Elena’s life ended before she was able to accomplish her dream, due to the consequences of drug addiction.  We, Elena’s family and Family Christian Center are making Elena’s dream a reality.

Through spiritual intervention by the power of the Holy Spirit, young people will learn the tools needed to prevent relapsing back into a lifestyle of drug addiction.

It is our desire to help young people overcome drug addiction through the power of prayer - counseling and fellowship with people who will encourage and help get their life on track.

Mission Statement:

To provide Christian rehabilitation services to young people of Aroostook County who desire freedom from drug addiction; and to teach young people how to make healthy choices so they can live the life God intended for them to live.

Vision Statement:

Empower individuals to successfully recover from drug or alcohol addiction. 

Lena's House is supported by tax deductible gifts. Please pray about supporting Lena's House. If you would like to support this program that helps both young and men to live a life free from the powers of drug and alcohol addiction, please send your tax deductible gift to:

  Lena's House
c/o Family Christian Center
P.O,. Box 632
Presque Isle, Maine 07469
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