In Memory Of
Elena Jasmir Lozada

Elena Jasmir Lozada
November 26, 1985 - July 10, 2010

Elena Jasmir Lozada

Thank you for visiting, this website is dedicated to the memory of my daughter Elena Jasmir Lozada. Elena went missing in July of 2010 and in April of 2011 her remains were found in the middle of one hundred mile radius, wooded area in Southern Maine. Elena was a young lady who loved to laugh and smile, she had a heart of gold and helped anyone she could with whatever she had.  Elena had dreams like every other young lady, but unfortunately, Elena fell victim to the powers of drug addiction during her teen years. Her family diligently tried various resources to help Elena combat her addiction problem and at times Elena would stop using, but unfortunately she would succumb to the power of addiction. Elena was only 17 years old when her family had her admitted to her first drug rehabilitation program.

At the end of June 2010, when Elena was 24 years old, she was admitted to the drug rehabilitation unit at Mercy Hospital in Portland Maine. Something went terrible wrong when she was discharged. We may never know the whole truth, but what we do know is that Elena met with someone whom she may have never known and fell victim of a terrible homicide crime.

When Elena was 23 years old in 2009, she had moved back home to try to start her life over again. She was determined to get off drugs, was under the care of a physician and became involved with a drug rehab program. After about two months Elena relapsed and left home. While Elena was home, she told her mother "when I am clean and free of drugs, I'm going to buy a house and call it Lena's House for girls like me." It was Elena's dream to have a rehab to help young girls who are addicted to drugs live a life of freedom.

We Elena's family and Family Christian Center have made that dream a reality. We have started a program called Lena's House, a freedom from drugs and alcohol program to help both young women and men who want to walk in freedom from the powers of addiction.

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